Aleksander Emelianenko to fight in Poland


from - Aleksander Emelianenko will return to the cage after nearly a year for his next MMA fight!

The burly Emelianenko brother will meet Tomas Novak at “Combat Zone: Strefa Walk” on October 28 in Warsaw, Poland. Aleks lost his last fight to Peter Graham     which was back in December at “Draka – Governor’s Cup 2010″, but before that was riding an eight-fight win streak since 2007 (not that he fought anyone with much namepower or relevance). Novak is a Muay Thai fighter with some MMA experience, but frankly I had a hard time finding out much about him other than a kickboxing fight he had with Jerome Lebanner.

More details and another really awful poster design for this event at this link here - seriously, someone needs to teach these dudes how to use photoshop better.

maybe after sergei gets cut after his next SF bout, perhaps we will get sergei vs aleks grudge match in japan or europe?

 we can only hope it happens, but if it will it probably will not be a fight american audiences can watch easily

According to Sergi alexander is homeless, a drunk, and a drug addict. Not sure how he will train for this one?

Peckerwood, without a home, being drunk and drugged :) According to Aleksander he could easily beat anyone in the UFC.