Alex Andrade???

Whatever happened to this guy?

Ken Shamrock used to talk him up as being the future of the Lions' Den.

Win Eric Davila Submission Art of War - Mano A Mano 7/12/2009 3 3:22

Win Christian Fulgium TKO (Punches) BFC - Bellator Fighting Championships 9 5/29/2009 1 2:01

Loss James Damien Stelly Decision (Unanimous) BFC - Bellator Fighting Championships 3-4 4/17/2009 3 5:00

Win John Troyer Decision (Unanimous) RFL - Proving Ground 7/26/2008 5 5:00

Loss Krzysztof Soszynski DQ (Low Blows) ROC 18 - Ring of Combat 18 3/7/2008 2 4:46

Win Fabiano Capoani TKO (Strikes) AOW - Art of War 3 9/1/2007 2 2:20

Win Brandon McDowell Submission (Ankle Lock) AOW - Art of War 2 5/11/2007 1 1:02

Win Klas Akesson TKO (Punches) AOW - Art of War 1 3/9/2007 2 3:15

Loss Murilo Rua Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE 18 - Cold Fury 2 12/23/2001 3 5:00

Win Yusuke Imamura Submission (Strikes on the Ground) KOTC 7 - Wet and Wild 2/24/2001 1 2:46

Loss Amaury Bitetti DQ (Kicking with Shoes) UFC 26 - Ultimate Field of Dreams 6/9/2000 2 0:43

Win Osami Shibuya Decision (Lost Points) Pancrase - Advance 6 5/12/1998 1 10:00

Win Paul Lazenby TKO WPC - World Pankration Championships 2 1/16/1998 1 N/A

Win Satoshi Hasegawa Decision (Lost Points) Pancrase - Alive 7 6/30/1997 1 10:00

Loss Ricardo Morais Submission (Punches) IAFC - Absolute Fighting Championship 1 11/25/1995 1 1:48

He's been fighting recently and doing pretty good.


Saw his fights in art of war here in Dallas he's still a damn good fighter, I think he still trains with Lutter & that circle of guys, friend of mine says he pops into the gym he trains at from time to time. Watched him soccer kick the shit out of some bouncer live at a kia dealership of all places in one of those reality series shows they were hyping up years ago, it was like Bully Beatdown but never really took off.


Cesar Gracie slapped him around.

When did Cesar Gracie slap him around?? I don't see that happening at all

It happened in Stockton Ca at a underground tournament.Cesar was the referee and when Vernon White lost to Gil Castillo in the finals,there were some words exchanged,and Cesar went over and slapped him around.Happened in 1998.

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Last seen putting the cal on some poor kid in Bellator Season 1


ttthanks to everybody who has responded on this thread

 thought he ran a gym with telligman called tralex

He fought Scott Bazack and then Rainy Martinez.


edited, as I just realized I must have had a brain fart and confused Alex Andrade for Tony Galindo....ooops

ranier wolfcastle -  thought he ran a gym with telligman called tralex

hope it's going well for them

Broke his hand in his last fight. started training again recently.