Alex Volkanovski claims Max Holloway faked his recent injury

pulling out of the fight so early for such an injury was suspicious. Then all of sudden replacement? confirmed suspicion.

And just like that I stopped liking Alex.
Retarded take.


I got the vibe that maybe they received such a backlash against the matchup they swapped Max out ASAP. They initially made the injury sound like a bad one.

I like Alex. Unfortunate he had to get a dig on Max. I don’t think Max is scared of Alex, he just wants to be 100%.

They will duke it out later

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That’s silly. I’m sure he wants the fight. The article says “reaggravated.” So a previous injury that kept him unable to train properly in the past? He may have just got out early, expecting the same recovery timetable, but then it ends up healing faster than last time. Alex is just talking shit. They’ll fight again.

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Max is hard to talk shit about, so Alex is really reaching with this crap.

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I believe max

At most UFC asked him to step aside

Alex Volkanovski had fake Covid