Alexander to sign with dream, possibly fight hunt has learned that Alexander Emelianenko is close to signing a deal with DREAM. Sources have linked Alexander Emelianenko to a DREAM contract that had his first fight with K1 fighter, Mark Hunt. However, Hunt will not be facing Emelianenko, as it would be too short of notice for such a high calibre fighter.

Alos, in a recent interview with Mark Hunt, Hunt said that DREAM was suppose to sign a fight with him and Alexander Emelianenko, but that was too hard of a fight for Hunt, so DREAM is looking for a more suitable first fight.

Quoted by Mark Hunt when asked what is next for him in MMA:

"Now that the K1 thing is out of the way it's all good baby: all MMA and MMA only. These guys (DREAM) want me to fight Aleksander (Emelianeko) in about three weeks time on May 11th! I was like no way because it's too short a time with no training. I don't want risk fighting like that. But if they compensate me enough for taking that risk then it's all good and I'll fight. The money has to be right. DREAM plan was to see how Fedor (Emelianeko) goes and when and if he wins the DREAM title, and then I will fight him."

Today this was posted by alex on a russian forum saying the fight is on, this was posted on sherdog.

According to the Russian Informant: Aleks himself stated that he'll fight Mark Hunt May 11th in Japan.

I am GUESSING that this would be in DREAM 3 since it's on May 11th and in Japan. (Kuso didn't say it was DREAM but there's no other big events on May 11th in Japan... so I'm guessing)

From Aleks:

Question: ????? ? ??? ????????? ???
ENGLISH: "When you have the following battle"

Aleks: 11 ??? ? ?????? ? ?????? ??????
ENGLISH: "On May 11 in Japan with Mark Hunt

They really need to get barnett away from WVR as well, and they will have a pretty good heavyweight division.

Here is also a promo for the middleweight grand prix, the card went to hell save a few fights, but it should still be exciting show. HDnet presentation of these shows is amazing though. Dream 3 however looks like one of the best cards in recent history.

 Sweet, a Hunt/Fedor rematch?

what a fight, Alexs vs hunt, if Alex doesn't take him down, i think Hunt might get the KO

CRE - irrelevant.

 It's extremely relevant. It's relevant because it's an entertaining fight and, first and foremost, I care about entertaining fights.

If we went by relevance, we would have maybe 10 fights a year.

 I love good news.

 Hunt hasn't kicked anyone's ass except 42 year old TK and winless Nishijima. Aleksander should be able to finish him pretty easily if he doesn't fuck around and gas out.


It would be awesome if Dreams put together a HW GP with the K-1 guys and some of the top European HW's. There proably not going to sign guys like Arlovski, Barnett and Fedor but a HW GP would be awesome.