Alistair Overeem vs. Sam Hoger at Shooto Japan?

unless hoger is mid cycle on 5 different roids/hormones hes fucked

sam by sub

Hoger by head kick.

guess no Overeem at DREAM 12 then 

RIP Sam.

hoger must have a death wish.
i wonder if hoger is even traning for this fight. if he is; what's the point?

I imagine this fight would go something like Bobby Ologun vs Hong Man Choi. but more injuries.

 I hope Sam beats that over-rated roidhead.

Hoger is going to shock the world!

 Shut up Brain or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip

I heard about this earlier today and did a major lol...Overeem must still be trying to clean out his system before coming to strikeforce.

Hoger by massive beatdown. Upset!

Added the mmaweekly source.

Can Strikeforce please strip him of the title already? He's clearly not interested in fighting in the U.S. anytime soon.

Alistair Overeem is a disgrace to the sport of MMA. Juiced up douche doesnt want to fight in the states cus he cant past the test.

Agreed 100%, its quite obvious at this point, Overeem is roided to the gils, and clearly can not get past a drug test in the US, Strip his roided ass already

Overeem by titty fuck!

WAR Hoger!!!

Sams secret Hogtie will be the new craze after he upsets Overeem!

If ol sausage tits wins this we'll never hear the end of his bragging on this forum.

It's likely that Overeem will use him for target practice.

Hulk Hoger by KO!

I love it!
When Hoger beats A.Overeem, he'll put himself in line for a Title shot re-match against A.Overeem in Strike Force (where he'd still be champ), for a title shot against Fedor in early 2010.
This Sam Hoger is one smart mother effer.

WAR SAM! (african assassin?)