alive weapons tapes?

What's a good tape or tape set to get for alive weapons training? I'm looking mostly for stick/blade material. I have a buttload of FMA experience, but not much in the way of alive, full contact or street-appropriate material.

Burton's tape? Dogbrothers series 1 or 2? Anything else really good out there?



These are what you want.

Jerry Wetzel's Red Zone Tape

Karl Tanswell's STAB Tape

Burton's stick tape is all you need for single stick training. What a great progression for training he lays out on that tape! Awesome!


Sorry, I should have specified. I'm looking for weapon vs. weapon. I already have S.T.A.B. and Redzone underneath my pillow. :-) I love them.



I think all the above mentioned products are great.

However, because I have been asked so much over the last couple Years about how I teach stickfighting, I have decided to shoot our SBGi stick curriculum this Fall. They will be shot as part of series three in Sept.

The stick program I teach is called Stickfighting. Methods. And. Counters, or the S.M.A.C program.

It takes about 5 hours to teach, and contains all the SBGi stickfighting curriculum.

It's composed soley of high percentage, easy to use stickfighting basics that have been tested over and over again against aggresive and skilled athletes. Although the program can be taught in a day, the material is composed of the same basic skills, drills, and techniques that one can, and should, work for the rest of their lives. And it's all 100% Alive.

For anyone interested I can teach that one day, as part of the typical two day seminar format. And I will be happy to do so for those that request it in 2004.

take care
-Matt Thornton

Matts stick program is cool, i should know , i have been on the recieving end of it a couple of times.

Matt, Bob has formed a stick team( i am on it) and has set up fights with most of the other UK stick groups. should be interesting.


That's an excellent idea. I'll be curious to see how it all works out.


Check this:



cant wait, nothing like getting wacked with a stick!


I am going to be SO POOR once SMAC and ISR and Jits+Hits come out.

ttt for SMAC