AlivenessGym Estonia went 2-0... last thaiboxing/mma event last night in Estonia.

Lauri Ülenurm took his opponent down after catching a leg off a bodyick. Landed in halfguard, escaped a guillotine and ended up in mount. The fight was stopped in 1st rd via corner throwing in the towel after a long barrage of punches from the mount (the opponents face was a mess). He had his opponents back 2 times... once had him rolled over to guard from mount but swept right back.

Ott Tõnissaar had a gameplan to go in striking but his opponent rushed him so enthusiatically that he scored a double leg in the beginning of the round, ended up in guard. Had trouble with getting free from double overhooks, had some nice bodyslams from there, eventually passed into halfguard and his opponent tried to headlock and roll him over and Ott took his back and finished in 1st with RNC.

Ott before the fight:

Me carring our sponsor's flag (Priit in the background):

Ott ending the fight (yes he has the bottom hook in as well:)

Very cool!

Great job guys!

I love that last pic.



Videos to follow ASAP.


More pics here:

ttt for team scared & paranoid!!

Ott's fight in Youtube.

I just realized I sound like frickin' Matt Serra when cornering:D

Lauri's fight in YouTube. What a beating...

Does anyone watch those videos or what:)?

I do, you should post them in the members forum as well.

You mean the official SBG forum:P? I'm not a member:P