Aljamain Sterling says 'slimy cheater' TJ Dillashaw could get bantamweight title shot next

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TJ is the only fighter in the UFC that I want someone to give irreparable damage to in a fight that fucks up his career kind of like he did to Garbrandt and Barao.


same. TJ is a purebred piece of shit

Since Yan-Sterling 2 was announced, I’ve been saying that TJ should ready himself like HE was the one fighting Yan… as it likely could happen when Aljo has an ‘injury’ again. So yeah, I agree, just not for the same reason LOL


Dude is a fake champ and shouldn’t even be concerned about who’s next because he’s not going to have the belt after he gets his ass kicked by Yan again.


Aljo really should stop talking, if he loses the belt which he didn’t really win, all this is gonna make him even more dumb.


Aljo was the only fighter to hate on Joe Rogan. He’s a paper champ and a douchebag…


Aljo won’t have to worry about it because Yan will ruin him


Slimy? Haha takes one to know one

It should be TJ vs Yan next, Aljo gets covid or injured before the fight. It might come down to him getting stripped of his fake title


HybridJon about to storm in here like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and bust up some fools

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What did he say about rogan?

Pretty sure the whole mma world knows Sterling won’t have to worry about it due to the fact he won’t be champion by then.

He said Rogan is racist…

Look who’s talking the man who soccer flopped too a world title…

Aljo isnt going to have a say in the matter.

Fighters are quick to adopt the pro wrestling shtick because they see it working out for their peers. They don’t realize how unlikable it makes you when you don’t do it well.

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To be fair, while Aljo may not be much of a promo, he’s got the selling down to a T.