Aljo Refuses to Fight TJ Until UFC Offers " Some Type Of Pay Bump "

You know I might actually root for TJ if him and Aljo fight.

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So offended I have no idea what you’re talking about lol. Again, you were offended by “people of color.” Don’t come here talking about others being offended by words…

Listen, buddy, how about you go about your word taboo crusade with a Leftist extremist rather than someone who’s simply efficiently expressing himself regardless of left or right? Because you’re wasting your time here and making yourself look like an idiot.

Gotta admire that hustle

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It’s shit like this that makes me respect Izy even more. Fights all contenders. No ducking. No delaying. Gives them rematches when needed. Doesn’t bitch about money

Sets the example


Comparisons like this are so fucking stupid. How many PPVs does your house make off the contractors framing the roof? How many millions are you making off sponsors and then paying the roofer thousands to wear a frame kit. How many millions is ESPN paying for exclusive rights to televising his work?

AJ doesn’t understand UFC pay grade is based on fan interest, not titles or win streaks. There’s a very clear reason why most of the top paid UFC fighters aren’t belt holders.

Complaining about fight pay when you are already not a big draw is a great way to shoot yourself right in the foot.

How about raising fan interest and then renegotiating? That would make far more sense.


Good point. Not too many people out there that can ask for a raise based on future performance