All Star line up set to compete at 5IVE in Florida


Look who's confirmed to be competing next weekend in Florida at the FIVE Grappling N.A.I.C. tournament!

AJ Sousa, Clark Gracie, Cole Miller, Bruno Bastos, Michael Liera Jr, Keenan Cornelius, Enrico Cocco, Joao Assis, James Puopolo & more!

Even though they cancelled that round robin thing, the promoters are still going to air finals of some of the divisions! Gonna be awesome



I had planned on attending this with my teammates but my parents chose that weekend to come visit. I'm pretty bummed I'm going to miss it. FLorida doesn't get much love when it comes to big tournaments.

@shark tank, FIVE will be back in Florida next year for sure!

I'm not sure if you are affiliated with Five or not, but can you explain why the Grand Prix was cancelled and why the grapplers were not told until this week?

When will the 2015 FIVE grappling season start? More specifically when are you going back to the Midwest and how many times? Phone Post 3.0