Allan Goes B.J.J. Association

We are now accepting new members in the Allan Goes
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association.The U.S. headquarters
is in Chattanooga,Tn out of Blalock's IMB Academy,you can reach me at (423)622-5159 for further information.
Anyone interested in sponsoring seminars,workshops or training camp is encouraged to call.Our association
will blend gi and vale tudo and self defense training
as well as boxing and muay thai,to give the student a
total comprehensive approach to reality based training.
Allan Goes and myself are dedicated in making the south
eastern states a powerhouse in all areas of competition.The association is open to everyone anywhere in all areas.Thanks,Chet Blalock,blackbelt Allan Goes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Just to let everyone know,Allan Goes will be in Chattanooga,Tn, the end of March through the first couple of weeks in April.He will conduct a week long workshop at our academy.We will announce the details
in the next few days.Thanks,Chet Blalock


Please keep us informed about everything in SE Tenn.

We would love to bring some guys down

Gracie Barra Knoxville
Team Helio Soneca

Hey Brandon,
Whats up? You guys are all ways welcome.Say hello to my friend Soneca.Take Care,Chet Blalock

Got an email address?

When did you get your Black Belt????

It was after I returned from Rio,when I went and helped
sharpen Allan for his fight in Heat FC.Allan called and
informed me he promoted me to blackbelt instructor.I was pretty stoked,thats makes me the first american
blackbelt in brazilian jiu-jitsu in our state of Tennessee.Thanks for asking.I was in Brazil for 15 days
training & sharpening Allan in boxing and muay thai.I returned for Christmas.He notified me around the first of the new year.Take Care,Chet Blalock
contact info:(423)622-5159 or

Good luck. Alan was my first teacher when he taught back in Costa Mesa.

I know Allan is going to call Chris and Steve this week
to try and set up a seminar.We are planning to do a week long workshop (6 days)in Chattanooga,Tn with the cost $300.00 with 10% discount to all association members.You can call me at the academy for more info.The dates are tenetive for the last week in March.
call (423)622-5159 or email,
Chet Blalock

Congratulations Chet!!

Glad to hear it's official!!

Looking forward to seeing Allan again!