AllJapan Combat Wrestling question

Aside from the All-Japan Combat Wrestling Championships hosted by Kiguchi Gym every year, what other meets use the same rule? I was thinking that there had to be qualifiers for the event. Also, great and spectacular grapplers such as Masakazu Imanari, Rumina, Sato, and Takaharu Murahama first started with this competition. Does anyone familiar with the grappling scene of Japan know of any great up-and-coming spectacular new grapplers?

I think Takada Dojo holds tournaments every so often too.

there's the GCM Contenders and SAW as well.. the rules might be a little different though

Are these tournaments invitation only?

Any idea how you go about entering them?

I believe SAW rules are different as SAW usually has guys in headguards, etc.

Does anyone know where to purchase the All Japan Combat Wrestling tapes?

They usually have them in the kakutogi/puroresu shops that stock all the other vids and DVDs.

Or try sticking your head in the places that sell used DVDs and Vids - for older more obscure stuff.

I appreciate it but I meant to order on the internet.