Almost got caught by a noob

We were doin' some jiu jitsu in class today and noob nearly got me. He got a calf cruncher but I refused to tap to noob. I was able to tap him out while he still had the hold on me. Alls I'm sayin' is that noobs suck...and my calf is killin me

my instructor also got me in a kimura or figure 4 arm bar...i don't remember. I just know that it made a nasty popping noise when he did it and it hurts a lot more now than it did earlier

i'm pretty sure it was a "bulldog".

That's not a calf cruncher. The correct term is "cat muncher."

... Dumbass!

Half puncher imo


the day you get caught by a noob is the day you should hang it up, imo

i dont rather tap to a noob then have to say i got my arm broke by a noob

The black plague has caught the correct.