Aloha Oe westsidebanger

Word on the forum is that Westsidebanger has trolled is final thread

Nice trying to stir the pot but you will not be missed peace out

Another troll drowned

ahh poor westsidebanger. too bad.

thats what he gets for copying Westsidebanga!!! The true treasure troll IMO!!!


don't think he's out just yet. the thread he started about bdshawaii getting escorted out of the expo is still there. i thought that if you get banned, they remove the threads started by you. that's what they did to bds.

just a matter of time

thought you was one chick. with her rags.

What's wrong with westsidebanga?

 ^Easy hes a fucken Douche.  Nuff said.

A lot of people troll but when all they do is troll and offer nothing positive to the forum Banned IMO

nc808 is correct.

btw, all trolling is a bannable offense.

Just ignore em!

Too easy.

bannable offense.. so wha t is considered trolling

west westside...lmao