Already making excuses

Tyson could have big pillows wrapped around his hands he’ll still KO Francis

TF should threaten to pull out/cancel the fight until Francis holds a press conference publicly apologizing about these comments. It would be hilarious cause you know damn well Francis would do it. He wants that paycheck so desperately


Ngannou the big dummy. Still got momma living in a mud hut. He doesn’t deserve this payday anyway.

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No shit. Only one fighter needs this fight.


Were there not some weird vids/clips out there though from the second Wilder fight where Furrys gloves did seem sort of floppy?


Fury should respond: “Cheating…? Francis, people can get roid rage from your sweat. Are you shitting me?”

Francis will be broke again within 2 years.
Theres a phrase for it , something rich.

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He loses his debut in PFL too, because he’s been focused on boxing.