Alternative browser support?

I asked this on the test page of the forum but I don't think I got an answer.

Is the new forum going to include support for (especially the HTML editor) other browsers and OS's than IE on Windows XP?

ttt for Firebird (Mozilla)


Indeed, TTT for non IE browsers.

All I know is that I get the HTML editor on my pc using IE but not on any browser on my Mac.

The html editor is not mac compatible. I know it was tested okay on a wode variety of pcs.

I mostly use a mac, too.


When I surf using Opera, I can't open the [+] on the other forums and it says I have no messages.

When I switch to IE, the forums work and I suddenly have a message (which I can't check due to mudname).


Currently using Mozilla Firebird, not having any probs thus far.

RingGrrl, Try using avant browser, its very much like Opera but better IMO!! It will work right!

FightFan - thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out!

I have a PC and a Mac, the Mac can't even seem to access the forum at all today.