Altona Wrestling Club

Does anyone who posts on here train at this club?

Could you tell me if they'd be receptive to MMA/BJJ'ers who want to work on their Takedowns?

Thanks in advance

Hi Mate,

I trained at their old location and a little bit there a while ago. Sam is an awesome coach and has a lot of really good tough guys. My advice is, be respectful to the sport, the gym, the other guys and the coach there and you will never have a problem.

They will be cool about the MMA takedown thing. Just go and train hard and make sure you're not just there as a one way relationship where you take take take. You have to be a good partner for the guys too, so don't try choking/arm barring etc when you're wrestling, those guys aren't interested in that.

thanks for the response KarelinFan,
i've done a bit wrestling before so know what to expect in terms of whats allowed, just wondered about the general atmosphere of the club.

Good atmosphere especially near comps, a few guys who have been to
worlds, Olympics etc.

Well the guys at my last wrestling club got real pissy when i tried to do my spinning back kicks so i might not do any armbars for the first few weeks.