Alves Vs St Pierre

Who Ya got? assuming St. Pierre beats Serra.
I would pick Alves, but St. Pierre's strength is phenomenol.

 Oh God, GSP would tool him... He wouldnt be able to get away with not having a good first round.

Not to mention, Fitch gets the next title shot, not Alves.

 gsp takes him down at will

Sounds like a great fight

GSP Nuthuger aboard here....GSP needs to forget about moving up weight! 170lbs has plenty of challenges up a head!!!

 Slow down buddy... Fitch is the number one contender!

I like Alves because he seems humble, not your typical Brazilian. How good is Alves Jiu-jitsu? His stand-up didn't look too good untill the knee.

Towe, Do you think Fitch can beat St. Pierre?

Got GSP all the way, ask again when Alves might actually get a shot to face him, he may have improved more by then

his jiujitsu is solid but not his forte. your right about him not being your typical brazilian he is really humble

He's got a puncher's chance but GSP would take him down and submit/pound him out.

He's a similar fighter to GSP, but not quite as good at anything.

To beat GSP, you need a lucky punch or at least one skillset that far outweighs one of his.

GSP by TKO, any round by any setup.

 Fuck that, Alves vs. Davis if he gets by Lytle.

alves vs davis would be sick

Alves will be a champion by 2010.

IronRy - He's a similar fighter to GSP, but not quite as good at anything.

 He's definitely better standing.

alves vs davis would be sick have to admit.
vs gsp would be a very tough fight.

Its not even a fight

Fitch first, since he's earned it and already manhandled Alves.

provided gsp gets by serra.