Am I the only one not excited for this rematch?

Anderson vs Weidman II.

I don't care. I mean, I kind of care, but only because it's two people fighting, and I'll always watch that. :) I just feel like this entire thing is forced. Chris Weidman won DECISIVELY, and now we get a chance to see new match ups since Anderson really didn't even want to be there anymore.

Think about all the top 10 guys who've lost to Anderson. We could see them all go up against Weidman, and if Silva came back we could see how he reacts in his first tune up fight after a loss in nearly a decade.

But no. We get an immediate rematch where we will either see Silva lose again ruining his chance to be a title contender, or we see Weidman lose and we miss our ONE shot we had at seeing a whole new middle weight division.

Not just that, but this match up doesnt interest me. It's so weird. Usually you don't have to try hard to pump me up for a fight. UFC is saying this is going to be big. Are people really not as excited as Zuffa is trying to make it seem or am I that out of touch with what people want to see?

Still looking forward to the womans title fight though. Somehow I'm much more interested in that and I'm not even a huge WMMA fan.

I want to see Anderson kick his ass this time and retire as the greatest, so yeah I'm excited. Chris is a good dude though, he'll bounce back and have a respectable career


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I'm excited Phone Post 3.0

You are literally the only one not excited for this fight.

C'mon guy.

Anderson vs. Weidman 2 is very important match to make.  Because it will solve the question of wheather Anderson vs. Weidman 1 was a fluke, was it Anderson just goofing around and got caught ?  Or is it really that Weidman is the more superior fighter today ? 

Personally, I think Anderson will take the rematch seriously and destroy him and that he is not past his prime and Weidman is not the best MW on the planet.

Wow. I am genuinely surprised.

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Pompei - Troll. Phone Post 3.0

Not a troll.

I just wanted to see a new middleweight champ fight new middle weight contenders. Not an immediate rematch that will burn the losers reputation for years.

MMc AA - You are literally the only one not excited for this fight.
I would say this is probably true in the fight world. Any person who is a MMA fan and isn't pumped for this fight and card should have their pulse checked. It has that big fight feel and has so many stories, questions and narratives running into the event. I am Incredibly excited Phone Post 3.0

Rematch makes sense to me. Phone Post 3.0

Exciting fight. Respect Weidman. Love Anderson the fighter. May the best prepared win. Phone Post 3.0