Amanda Serrano to UFC?

First female boxer to win 5 titles in 5 divisions. I’m guessing she could fight 115 lbs and 125 lbs. both

33-1-1 boxing record


"I love boxing. But the money and recognition for women in MMA is better right now," said Serrano to Jose Sanchez.

I have 2 laugh at the thought of hitting some1 w/these gloves, I have 25KO's out of my 33 wins w/gloves twice this size. Oh boy Can't Wait ?? Nuff Said!!

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"If you think I Can’t Holly Holm kick your head you are dead wrong, just because I’m a boxer doesn’t mean I won’t tap that jaw with my foot lol #AmandaSerrano #TheRealDeal #SerranoSisters #WorldChampions#MMA #KickBoxing #Boxing #MuayThai"




Her last fight 1st round TKO. She wants to box and fight MMA simultaneously, looking to debut in MMA 2018, in the mold of a Holly Holm.

25 ko in 30 something fights is impressive, for a woman

She’s pretty

knappster - She's pretty

Nice girl! Met her at a show last summer, has an older sister who boxes too.

I don`t think that you fight a contender in boxing until you are 20-0.

You are the hammer or the nail.

I doubt she goes to the UFC right away. She always says she still want to box and if she signs with the UFC thats is no longer an option.

Great attitude.

knappster - She's pretty

and talented!