Amar Soleuv in the UFC?

Now that Soluev has had a couple of wins since
his last UFC appearance is he going to be back in
the UFC? He was impressive in his fight with
Baroni, even if a tactical error cost him the fight. I
think he would make a solid addition to the 185 div.
and I know he wants a rematch with Baroni.

So how 'bout it Joe Silva? I know he's not American
and the rednecks may not like him but he could be
the guy that all the rednecks love to hate. Works for

It would be dumb for them not to strive to get him in there.. real dumb

If it's true that Tanner and Murray don't want to fight
Baroni, get Soluev to do it! He'll do it for free! He
already said so.

I'd love to see him back. Not sure why it hasn't happened yet.


"Not sure why it hasn't happened yet. "

Because only Zuffa poster boys are allowed re-matches.

Maybe he hasn't been back because he doesn't
really speak English that well-or at all for that
matter. But, as I said, he can be a heel-like the
Iron Shiek was to the WWE years ago.

Definitely bring this guy back.

Also look at bringing back Semenov. I know he hasn't done so well since his UFC loss, but he was exciting in both his UFC fights. Give him a shot again on the undercard.

If what BJM was talking about (knees on the
ground being made legal again) than Soluev
would be that much more exciting to watch.

The rematch with Baroni would be a barn burner
and has a good angle on it.

There isn't enough promo'ing/interviewing outside of the main event to really matter how good his English is. He knocks people out. That's what counts. He should've gotten a rematch a year ago.

Bring back Soluev!

TTT for Suleov.

Prior to the Amar Suloev vs Din Thomas match which occurred at the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 event I would have definitely said bring him back to the UFC but now I'm a little undecided.

The Amar Suloev vs Din Thomas match was boring. The stand-up action was nearly non existent and the ground & pound was mediocre. The fight was fairly quick and Suloev did deliver a good kick to Thomas' head while he was down (which we all know is prohibited in the UFC).

Let's see how he does in the upcoming "Mixed Fighting Championship - Russia vs. USA" taking place on 3/13/04 in Atlantic City.

Is he on the Russia vs. USA card? I thought it was
just Semenov.

I feel UFC should devote a whole show to the 185 lb class. Fuck it why not, bring in Horn, Suloev, Frylund, Denis Kang, Joe Doerkson,Benji Radach And add the guys they have Lindland, Baroni, Murray, Rivera. There is so many talented fighters and the division needs some kind of showcase. I think it is a great weight class but UFC just needs to straighten it out. If a TV deal ever comes thru they need to expend their operations and branch out with more fighters.


You're right. I was mistaken.

It's Semenov who is on the Russia vs USA card not Suloev.

Sorry for the mix-up.

Amar has signed a lucrative deal with Inoki. He won't be returning to the ufc.

It might not be an exclusive contract. I know he
challenged Baroni to fight him in M-1 and Franklin
doesn't have an exclusive contract with Inoki. In
addition, I read that Inoki may not have another
show until mid-late year.

Soluev's wants a rematch with Baroni bad. If the
contract with Inoki isn't exclusive the UFC should
sign this fight.

Amar would win a rematch