Amateur MMA Ocean City NJ Address?

Does anyone know the address to the venue that the Combat in the Cage: Battle at the Pier amateur MMA event is going to be at or the name of the venue. All the information says is Music Pier.

i dont know about that event, but I am familiar with Ocean City, NJ. The music pier is on the boardwalk, I believe it is 10th street.


I don't know why it would just say Music Pier, Ocean City and not a street address also. Not everyone is familiar with that area. At least I'm not.

10th street may not be 100% correct; however, if you park on 10th street and walk onto the boardwalk you will definitely see the music pier, you cannot miss it. I grew up near long beach island, NJ but have since moved out of state. It is kinda weird to see Ocean City mentioned on here!

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What exit on the parkway south would I get off of.

Go to they should have it on the website.


They have directions, actually

Thank you

The Physical Address is the Boardwalk between 8th and actual street address...

Ed...where were u last night??

sorry, setting up took alot longer then I figured...hope to see you tonight

Can anyone tell me where there is good parking close to the music pier? Also, what's the traffic like getting in there tonight? I'm coming from Trenton.