Amateur MMA this weekend

Christians vs Lions XV (this weekend)
This event was started by the Fighting Father Dave Smith in 1995, with an exhibition bout with Anthony Lange jiujitsu champion and father Dave as the main event.
These events involve local youth who have trained at the Holy Trinity Youth Fitness Centre, in competitive fighting bouts to raise money for their own centre. These are often momentus occasions for first timers in the ring and well attended by members of the local community.
Some of the fighters who have participated in previous events are:
Elvis Sinosic,
Luke Pezzuti,
Alex Tui,
Anthony Mundine, and many others.

Petersham RSL
Regent St

April 3rd


Tickets $25/$15

For more info about Father Dave's work with the youth of the streets visit

BTW i forgot to say that there will be 3 amateur MMA bouts (Pankration rules) boxing and kickboxing bouts.


WhiteWhale, if you can get a vid of the fights then your priorities are definitely right

Now if you can only convince a couple of hotties to server you beer and pizza at the same time.


did someone say hotties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ttt, very nice pics..

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Hey, does anyone here know much about the trinity gym? I teach (high school) in the area, and a few of my students go there...... Getting some varied reports about the place. Any info would be appreciated.

Well if you in it for the fitness its worth taking a look, but if your serious dnt bother.