Amatuers needed to fill MMA in S.C

Southeastern amatuers needed to fill MMA card in Charleston, S.C. on April 9th. For more info please e-mail. E - mails are checked as soon as possible, and the appropriate info will be sent back.

E - mail to:

If you send an E - mail to the address, the appropriate info will be sent to you. This is not a ploy to get you e - mail to spam, it is for those who are interested in building amatuer stats.

Muhsin Corbbrey

Island Boxing & Fitness

We have fighters at every weight.

There will be weight classes, rules, and all the usual things involved. I understand the concern about wasting your time with useless e - mails, but I am helping the event organizer by posting up here. I don't have all the info myself, that is why we are asking for folks that are interested to send e - mails to the address. The event is being coordinated by a MMA/NHB pro fighter, so it is legit. I just don't have the info myself, that's all.