Amazing card!!!

This card was stacked and heavily promoted and it delivered. Every single fight was entertaining with large implications and title shots on the line. Truly sad and upsetting event to end the night, but god damn...what a card Phone Post 3.0

No. Other than Browne, I was disappointed. My soul hurts for Silva and I refuse to accept Weidman as the number one middleweight.

Vitor KOs him in the first round via uppercut from hell. He will then, thank his mama and call out JBJ. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck you SwiftKey and your auto correct...."SUIT!!!!!!!" Phone Post 3.0

Troll thread? Phone Post 3.0

Silverball - Troll thread? Phone Post 3.0
Probably, I dunno, hard to tell sometimes.

Asides from Ronda vs. Miesha, I thought the card as an entirety was underwhelming. Phone Post 3.0