American Bjj Grandmaster

with such arts as Judo,Karate,Chinese boxing ( any style of kung fu) there are Americans that hold master titles or 6th to7th Dans in there systems.

There is a fare share of Bjj black belts in the U.S

I know i will be long dead before this or if this ever happens but do you think one day there will be a 10th Red belt in bjj who is American?

The question is, will there be a GENUINE 10th degree black belt, because stopping people setting up their own BJJ McDojos and promoting themselves will be the problem.

"american" is a nationality, Rorion is 100% american..What is he now 9th degree? So to answer your question, yes I feel there will be an american 10th...Rorion Gracie.

Where is the Judo forum? I wouldn't want all those trolls hanging ou here because theyhave place else to go:)

Considering the fact that nobody other than the original founding brothers can be awarded 10th, I'd have to say that no, no americans (or anyone else) will get any higher than 9th.