Americans for a Classy Bisping

I've hated on his antics, but I like a classy Bisping. well done, ol' chap.

Better than asshole bisping. Phone Post

if mayhem gets cut, i will start feeling paranoid that it was all a stunt to get bisping back into the American fan's good graces. unless he's really been humbled by hendo's forearm. hmmm


 He is way more likeable when he behaves himself.

BispingStolemySN -  He is way more likeable when he behaves himself.
Glovegate - An entire season of being a douchebag wiped away by a 20 second speech at the end of the fight?

I like reconciliation as much as the next guy but I don't know...

This. Still doesn't forgive the past.

Having said that, its a step in the right direction atleast. Phone Post

axxesmerdas - You guys worry to much about fighter personalities. <img src="/images/phone/droid.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

but with Bisping, that's all we have. sure he's a heartfelt fighter and has some great skill, but he lacks true explosiveness and even when Mayhem was daring him to mash his face (which he proudly did) he still couldn't put him down.

can't take away the pillow hands, but his demeanor into the octagon, after the headbutt and poke in the eye - he was not his usual baby self. to tell you the truth, i thought Bisping was a little afraid of Mayhem going into the fight because he's such a nutbag. Mayhem just tried to make it a "show" instead of trying to win the fight, so he got his.

my point is that we are not focusing on personalities instead of actual fighting skills (in this case) because there aren't that much to talk about. having said that, i'm glad he's at least acting humble for the time being, everyone deserves another shot.