Ammy MMA in Moncton

So apparently the powers that be at Elite 1 are now adding amatuer fights to their cards. Is there any indication if this is legal, or are they just trying to get people to fight for free?

It would be great if it is legal for amateur fights. There have been far too many athletes on the Elite 1 cards that should never have been considered professional. Amateur MMA is a big step in the right direction for the maritimes.

Well, here is a newly-minted facebook group.

Here is the little bit I can glean from it.

- John Williams of Elite1 is behind it.

- They have created an org called the Eastern Canadian Amateur MMA Alliance which the page claims is the commission-sponsored governing body for amateur MMA in NS, NB, PEI and NL.

- The rules do not allow knees, elbow, strikes to the head on the ground. Fighters wear shinguards and shirts (bare nipples=professional?) and 3 minute rounds.

Not sure how I feel about any of this.

I guess they're just going to make it up as they go along.