Amusing Video Clip

For those who experience problems, here is the link:

seen that a million times and it's funny a million times//my chuiuaua is more dangerous

Those bike shoes would be a bitch to fight in....might have to train with some on some time....

Excellent spinning back fist attempt.

too damn funny

One would think that all athletes would be able to fight a little bit better than that, but I guess it takes a bit more than just being fit.

Must say CUZZ63 is right, those shoes are impossible to get any stability in.
They're hard slick plastic with metal cleats

BUT!!! That does not excuse the poor form.

If anything, poor form AND those shoes would make you look real bad.

that shit always makes me laugh.

3 t's


lol.. shoes or not that's horrible.. look at hockey guys .. they fight with skates on

t of later