An observation about the TUF guys' records

Saw some confusion about whether the Tuf fights actually counted towards their records or whether they were exhibitions that don't count, and I think I have the answer. 

The first round of fights were just 2 rounders, and thus exhibitions that didn't count toward their record. The next round was upgraded to 3 rounders and thus those count towards their record. 

Noticed this when I saw that cuccinello is still undefeated, while some of the earlier guys have a loss on their record.

They were all still undefeated before tonight. Even the 3 rounders are exhibitions, regardless of what the ufc says. Look at their records on Sherdog.

nah, 3 rounders have never counted from inside the TUF house.

Yeah the one Ls they had next to non-finalists fighting tonight is off.

i didn’t think any fight counted up until now