An open letter to Heath Herring.

Yo Heath, what's up. Not much here. Hey, great job last night. You proved that you are far more than just a pride casualty like giant silva or screeching announcer chick. You beat a really good fighter in Kongo, and you should be congradulated. I won't doubt the decision like most on the site have, but here are a few things that you should change in the future.

  1. Let's try not to trash talk the guy that doesn't speak english. Kongo doesn't really speak it, so for you to go up to him 2-3 times and state "I though you was going to standup with me." makes you look a little on the slow side of the fence. How about graciously thanking the fighter for the fight and moving on?

  2. The complaining about not having an entire fight standing up is getting old. You are in MMA now, sweety pie. You are allowed and in the ug's case encouraged to fight on the ground and show grappling skills. If you want a non-stop sluggfest, go to a toughman show and swing yer lil heart out. Maybe Kongo wanted to try out his newly learned grappling skills, and see how effective they would be? because that's the goal of an mma fighter, to have several dimensions and not just be a one trick pony.

  3. "If I were allowed to knee to the head, this fight would have been over earlier." Possibly true. However they are not legal. This makes as much sense to me as if Kongo were to say during the post fight press conference:

"If I were allowed to stab him in the eye with an olive fork, i'd probably have won the fight."

Firstly that would surprise me because of the language barrier. Secondly It would be like me saying that if I had a tennis racquet shaped shlong, that i'd change my name to "Andy Rod-dick" but that just isn't the case. (note: it's more of a squash racquet sive) Knees to the head aren't allowed, so quit complaining about it and blaming that as the reason you didn't finish the fight. If you really wanted to finish that badly, you could have postured up and brought the fight up.

  1. A beer tour? So your plan is to forego the traditional "Bob Hope" USO standard that has been used for half a century and decide that a great idea would be to simply show up in afganistan and drink with soldiers? Really? Well, I hope it works out, because nothing would take my mind off of mortar blasts going off all around me and the stench of death in the air like a fighter sitting accross the table from me drinking and complaining because none of us are standing up at the time.

Just try to keep up the good work and refrain from the extra stuff that keeps you from becoming a great fighter.

Andrew Lambrix (bruddahoodaman)

cant believe u actually sat there and type that..

just as much as i cant believe i actually sat here and read throught he whole thing

i'm at work, so technically I got paid to do get NOTHING!!!

good day, sir.

I can't believe I actually sat there and Read that..

After training with Kongo for the last 5 weeks his English is better then you think...

you dont like heath do you?

in that case, disreguard number 1, though not the part about heath saying it over and over.

i like the guy as a fighter!........personality wise? no.

For the record, Heath is NOT gay!


This post is totally lame.

The oddest part to me is that Herring was NEVER known for being good on his feet.

He has a crazy karate kick that usually gets him dumped onto the ground but has been able to hurt Erikson, Kerr and Nog. And his hands dont look to be any better.

It really seems like hes just trying to secure his meal ticket by getting a rep as a wild guy who throws strikes.

The technical level of the grappling in that fight could have gotten both of them thrown out of a gym imo.

Ok, I am glad you wrote this. I watched the O'Brian fight and all He kept saying was "I didnt Know this was a wrestling match" He says this over and over. I am thinking does he even know where he is at? Last night he goes ah man I didnt even train for the ground. I am like once agin do you even know where you are at? It amazes me. I personally thought that he may need to seek out somebody who has a clue about ground fighting. I was like these are two guys that have never had one grappling class. I am just saying what I think several thousand fans watching from their living rooms are saying each and every time he fights. They must all be scracthing their heads in disbelief. Because I sure am. Bear

If Heath actually improved his ground game in the past 7 or so years, he would have actually submitted Kongo, who was pretty clueless on the ground.

Dear Heath,
Hi, my name is Jake. I was wondering if you would hold hands with me while we ran through a field of tall grass. I'm just kidding bro. Last night you made me 150 dollars. Thank you. All my friends told me I was crazy for betting on you but for some reason I knew you were going to win. Thanks. I'm going to spend it on this beautiful girl today in Madison. JAKE

"You are in MMA now, sweety pie"

That kind of talk could get your ass knocked out to prove that Heath is not gay ;)

I agree with thread starter.

Agreed with most of that. Herring's post-fight comments are getting old. Such as:

  1. After Jake O'Brien beat him, Herring complained about it being an unnecessary wrestling match. The fact that Herring got beat fair and square was never mentioned.

  2. Herring wildly charges Kongo while trying to land some type of kill shot and then blames Kongo post-fight for not wanting to stand with him? I think Kongo would have welcomed the opportunity to stand with Herring if Herring would have wanted that. Instead, Herring bum-rushed him which brought the fight to the ground on it's own.

Sweety Pie????

i thought the fight was pretty damn good and it was evident that he really didn't expect a ground fight Hence Kaman being in his corner.
Kongo was trying to flip the script on herring and make a ground fight

"You proved that you are far more than just a pride casualty like giant silva"


Bruddahoodaman exhibited excellent riddum and technical ability, however, made a classic rookie mistake in employing the words "sweetie" and "pie" together in his open letter to one Mr. Heath Herring (whose devastating haircuts should be listed in his strongpoints as he enters the octagon).

Don't worry brotha. In a couple of years you'll be ready for a title shot. I've got your black. : )