Ancient Pankration G&P

Excellent InYo article:

Scroll down to "Wrestling or Pankration?  Calling the Action in Hellenic Pottery Painting."


Hollenback again? I thought we dealt with his sorry ass in the Arrichion thread, lol.

Watch it, Jason--if this is the same guy, he might pop a cap on your ass:

And I wouldn't even hear him coming! Maybe I should use some of my pro bowling winnings to hire security:


Kudos for the great pankration resource site.  Are your comments above in regard to the article mentioned at the beginning of the thread or some other article?

I think it's a legitimate area of examination. IIRC, Poliakoff spent some time discussing which representations were wrestling vs. pankration, apparently disagreeing with some of the interpretations by some of the "classical" scholars like Harris, Frost, Gardiner, etc.

I think a critical re-interpretation of Poliakoff's work is probably a good thing, adding to the general knowledge base.

Also: nice site, btw.

LOL at pro-bowling winnings!