Anderson elbow!!

Anyone got the gif? I wanna see this!!!

Me too


me 5


I'd like to see it also. me 7


what is this in reference to?

ttt 4 a gif


where's the ? in your title?


TTT for Discovery Channel-like footage of spider elbows.

This is an old TMA move, guys. I learned it in TKD, but I never thought to use it.

  1. Throw a right straight. Your opponent slips the punch.

  2. Retract the punch, but with your elbow extended out horizontally, not vertically like you have been taught in boxing. As you do this snap your hips back for added power.


ttt for video

Ive seen hundreds of full muay thai rules fights and Ive never seen a ko like that. Anderson is the man. Frykland had two weeks to prepare and wasnt even weighing 180 for the fight. I hope cage rage gives him another chance. Tony is a great fighter and a great guy. Anderson just keeps bringing in suprise after suprise with each fight.


"interesting if this is actually true...i guess u dont really know the effectiveness of some of these tma strikes until u actually try them out...maybe"

Or maybe if you're an awesome Thai fighter with exceptional timing you can allowe yourself to do some fancy moves.

Jeremy Horn KO'd some guy at an IFC show with an elbow. That was the last literal elbow KO I've seen.