Anderson in K-1?

no way he makes under 72Kg's so he has to fight the heavies and he's fought at 205. If Dana and Zuffa let him would he do any good? Mousasi took out Kyotaro pretty easily.

Charlie Coke - He'd knock out Alistair Overeem.


he MIGHT do ok against some c level type journeymen, but the top guys would push his shit in.

Overeem would kill him literally. You guys are the reason that pride is dead. This is a freakshow like tamura vs sapp. Phone Post

If he fought Nathan Corbett at his own weight he would get fucked up beyond all recognition (fubar). Google Nathan Corbett you fucktards. Phone Post

Bob Sapp would beat Anderson Silva in K-1.

That being said, in a K-1 fight, this guy kills Anderson:

 I'd like to see Anderson vs Mousasi/Saki/Spong at cruiserweight k1 rules.

Andy is an amazing striker but I believe spong and saki would beat him the top echelon would just be too gargantuan and beat him senseless.

If all he did was train striking for a year or so (sole dedication to kick boxing which is his strength to begin with) then maybe he could do well. but just thrown in with a regular camp and he loses

K-1 guys got too much power behind the shots for Silva. And because they have bigger gloves the way you block punches is completely different than in MMA. It is much easier too block but at the same time you need to be able to handle the power of those big guys. Anderson wouldnt be able to use his angles the same way, and no muay thai clinch is allowed either. 

Someone like Spong or Gokhan Saki would destroy him. 

he wouldn't do good, but if he fought these guys mma he'd be looking to take them down, their striking is just too damn clean technically and also very heavy impact wise.