Anderson=Pele of mma?

If he trashes's fact......Anderson you are #1. You can only test theheart of a champion when he's getting his ass whooped, chael did that ,but anderson knew he was going to win.

My mma back ground is boxing and bjj....I don't think highly of andersons boxing, but that kick would of ko'd me 100% fact, i never saw it coming and i was watching it at home. yes i am drunk

Before this fight, I was strongly of the opinion that if GSP could get Silva down, he could keep him there for 5 rounds.

It has become very apparent to me that nobody in the sport can stand up to the kind of firepower Anderson possesses.

I feel bad for all the other MWs to have to have lived in the Spider era - knowing they'll never have a chance.

 Pele Landi-Jons maybe

If Pele cheated sure

Wow was I piss drunk last night, so heart broken after vitor lost lol.

he is the micheal jordan of ufc brand events

Pele and Michael Jordan sit around and hope that someone compares them to Anderson Silva....and then to a much smaller athelete that they must beat in order to be considered the best.

interesting to compare fighters to other athletes.
anderson= jordan
jones= lebron (really great but no titles)
chuck=Larry Bird lol

Bonnar = Tyler Hansbrough....not the most talented, but fights hard and outscraps people