Anderson Silva Feeds Hungry Brazillians

can someone with some clout help a brother out?

Anderson Silva feeds hungry Brazillians for Subway!!


Just because I posted it doesn't mean I think it's funny

haha thanks double then

grabs fire extinguisher

Who are these "BRAZILLIAN"s you speak of?

^^actually you're right, he offered this same sandwich deal to Leites, but he wouldn't get his ass off the ground long enough to eat it. wish i could edit the title, but it's cemented now. good point!

Choice of playboys

at least he does have a humanitarian side.

isn't a teep to the face an insult in muay thai? 

Sultan, is a teep a kick with the toes pointed up?

Zeke Dynasty - at least he does have a humanitarian side.


Oh, most definitley, if youre Brazillian he'll act like a crazy homeless retard instead of finishing you in the 1st round.


How many is a brazillian?

SofterThanRoseannesSonn - Sultan, is a teep a kick with the toes pointed up?

 Yeah, you point them up and away from the target so you are hitting with the ball of your foot or the whole flat part of your foot. 

A teep kick is also called a push kick my american enthusiasts, but "teep" is the correct term in Muay Thai.

828 calories? WTF

Thanks Sultan!

lol, and when I clicked this thread I thought I was gonna see A.S. trying to pull off a publicity stunt to help his image.

spudink - How many is a brazillian?

my joke is based on the way he seems to fight brazillian jiu jitsu guys lately, especially his own countrymen. i don't know if that's cultural for him, or just ends up happening that way, but it seems to.