anderson silva injured?

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva has informed the promotion that he will be undergoing elbow surgery very shortly.

There is no time estimate as to how long he will be out, but it is very likely that it will be for several months, meaning his fight on November 14 in Manchester, England is off.

This comes off the heels of UFC postponing the BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez fight for the Lightweight Championship from November 14 to December 12 in Memphis, Tennessee at UFC 107.

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If I recall correctly, injuries suffered while within the Matrix do transfer to the real world, so this could be true.


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 I'm not saying it's credible but I did find this. 

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From Dave Meltzer:

"UFC Champion injured, delays title match; second main event in jeopardy

Anderson Silva, the UFC's middleweight champion, informed the promotion that he will be undergoing elbow sugery shortly.

The company did not have a time estimate of how long Silva would be out of action, but it would be for at least several months, putting him out of fighting on 11/14 in Manchester, England. This came as UFC has announced another title match that was at one point talked about for that date, B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez for the lightweight title, would be taking place instead on 12/12 in Memphis.

It is also being reported by The Sun that Quinton Jackson got the part as B.A. in "The A-Team" movie, and due to the filming schedule, would be out of the Memphis show where he and Rashad Evans were the main event.

This would be a strong negative internally because the reason the show was booked for Memphis is that's where Jackson grew up, plus the season of Ultimate Fighter that starts on 9/16 is said to do a phenomenal job of building the fight. The fight would still take place and it won't be 18 months later, and we've already seen from Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra that even 18 months later he stuff off The Ultimate Fighter will still draw big.

Penn vs. Sanchez was put on the Memphis show because of the fear Jackson would be pulling out of the show. "