Anderson Silva Media Workout

Silva went through a long workout and then spoke with the media. He was all business about his fight with Thales Leites.

Thanks for the vid!



 Is that Andersons hand with the little recorder fucking with his translator?  Thats hilarious.

 LMAO it IS. I didn't notice it the first time!

Andersen " I'm going to wait for the baldfather to make me really rich$$$$ before I retire "

 Look closely...That's Anderson's cell phone...


 Don't need to TTT a sticky, fren...

Anderson is a fuckin ninja

What did he pull out the first time? A note pad? LMAO!

Justinmacd - He looks really big for this fight.

LOL @ Anderson holding the recorder.

 LOL what's even funnier is that is his cell phone.

 anderson is a funny guy.