Anderson Silva vs. Jeremy Horn

Thread says it all. It's going down in an upcoming event in June. Let's break down the fight. Horn might have a slight size advantage right? I think Silva is gonna have to keep a high pace and constantly throw blows at Jeremy.

Anderson has better standup for sure BUT we have NEVER seen Horn get hurt by a strike.

Thing is Horn is 100X's better at positioning than Anderson.

On top of that Horn has really good takedowns AND Anderson has a god awful sprawl.

Horn will bring this fight down, and dominate from the top with strikes. It just depends on the rules if Horn can finish or not. No elbows....I would say Horn by decision or late TKO. If elbows are legal it won't last long.

horn by sub!

have you seen silva vs takase. i'm pretty sure it would end the same.

I don't think Anderson has better standup or ground or really anything on Horn.

Horn will win this fight...his standup is very very very underrated. That is why Horn never gets hurt by strikes.


"That is why Horn never gets hurt by strikes."

Challid Arrab knocked Horn down with a punch and almost KO'd him.

That said, I say Horn by submission round 2


silva by ko

Horn by maximum grappling superiority and ownage. I like Anderson, but Horn should take it without much trouble.

Anderson's a better striker, but Horn is a better grappler. I predict Horn keeps top position and pulls out the decision.

Good to hear Anderson is back in a high profile fight.

He should add much flair to the MW class.

I'd have to give edge to the new big threat to the class in Horn though.

Wow, tough fight. People are sleeping on Anderson though. At one time, not too long ago, a number of people had Anderson at or near the top of various pound for pound lists.

Horn by submission in under 5 minutes is my pick.

Horn by flying go go plata.

JHR is correct! :)

Ps. Jeremy Horn is God! ;)

A Silva's a cool cat... Horn is just Jeremy Horn and will win by decision though, Anderson's tough (good call on the elbows, that's a factor).

I think that folks are sleeping hard on Anderson as well. He has great ground skills in addition to vicious standup. Takase is no chump on the ground, and getting subbed by him does not make Anderson into a sucka.

I hope to see Horn win it, but Silva is a dangerous, DANGEROUS fighter.


By the way... a FLYING go go plata, JHR? Come on, that is a little difficult, and you know it! A "regular" go go plata, maybe, but even Jeremy would have trouble pulling off the dreaded FLYING go go plata! Therefore, I change my prediction to Jeremy by triangle in Round 1! ;)

If Anderson got Jeremy in that body lock of his I don't think Jeremy would be able to pass it. Takase did a fantastic job of not allowing himself to get caught in Anderson's legs.