Anderson x Rashad...Could it happen

Anderson had gone above and beyond clearing out his division, he has reigned over the 185lb division with absolute authority. The only real competitive fights could happen IMHO by getting a big 170lb to bump up, or better yet getting a small 205lb to drop down. I think Rashad could make the weight and could give him SOME trouble if he uses his wrestling and stops trying to be a striker. Rashad has good ground and pound, and his wrestling could give Anderson problems. But I just don't know who else would really make a good fight for Anderson.

I just don't see Bisping or Belcher giving him a real problem...just my IMHO..

Out of all the MW's, I really think Lombard has the best chance, a very very small chance. I think Rashad will use his stanky leg if he gets in the cage with Silva.

I don't think Rashad deserves a shot at the p4p best right now coming off a loss in a different weight division.

The Munoz/Weidman winner this Wednesday sounds MUCH better.

Both coming off 4 wins in the MW division over solid competition.

It's the most competitive fight out there for Silva. Rashad has a real chance at winning this fight. I got a chance to ask him about going down to MW and he wasn't quite sure he wanted to, but if paid well enough, he'd consider it.

Current talk: Anderson would lose in a real division like 205 with actual good fighters; Anderson can't handle wrestlers

Talk after Anderson smashes Rashad in exactly the same way he smashed Chael: Rashad couldn't handle the weight cut, Rashad has never been the same since Lyoto KO'd him

Munoz- Wideman winner should get first crack at it. Rashad vs Vitor for the #1 contender. Make it happen Joe Silva.

Rashad beat an old and tired Tito, got out worked by his arch nemesis JBJ, and now would get his lights dynamically turned out by Silva.

Hard to come back strong from that sequence of events. Seems like a bad career move to me. Phone Post

Anderson has Lombard, Munoz, and yes Bisping to beat before he fully cleans out the division again. That said, if Rashad came down he would immediately be the #1 contender.

Love both guys, I see it as a very close fight but I think Anderson knocks on that tested jaw enough times to put rashad away but it wouldn't look anything like rashad vs machida, he's learned his lesson. Phone Post

I just have a feeling hashad would be too careful and it might be boring. But i would love to see this fight regardless. Phone Post

betterfighterthanyou - I would like to see Rashad get a nice win at MW first just so the haters can get really hyped again before a Silva fight only to get let down once more as the GOAT steals another part of their souls.

Agreed. Put Rashad in a #1 contender fight against Munoz Vs. Weidman winner, Silva Vs. the winner of Rashad/Munoz/Weidman on Super Bowl weekend. Phone Post