AndrePedineras Seminar all invited

Professor Andre Pedineras is scheduled to give seminar at Karma Martial Arts 190 Marycroft at HWY 7:

Gi Wednesday May 19th and No-Gi Thursday May 20th

Dede, as he is known in Brasil, has trained many BJJ World champions, and has trained the likes of B.J. Penn, Shaolin, Robson Moura, Joao Roque, Wagnney Fabiano, Leo Santos,and many more for both BJJ and MMA.

Everyone is welcome, the cost is $50 per day. Dede has great insight as to what it takes to be the best in the world in both BJJ and MMA.

Don't hesitate to contact me at

kashk....what times are the seminars at?

ttt how long is each day?

On Wednesday the seminar will sometime between 7 and 8pm. Thursday the seminar will begin at 830pm. The seminar will be 2hrs each day.

Kashk is right when he talks about "great insight".
Dede is good at giving you something you could use
right away. Not alot of trick moves, just good solid
positioning and fixing bad habits. Great seminar for
beginners or advanced guys. To bad I will be in Paris

Have fun guys

ttt i will be there!

his last class was the best ive ever had.. everything he showed i use today regularly.

Wow, coming from a grappler of Claude's calibur that's quite a compliment.

ttt for Dedé!


I will definately come to the gi seminar.

ttt for Dede.

TTT for the Gi!!!



Josh, ttt for the lack there of

"too bad I'll be in paris" You poor unfortunate soul

Pigdog, was up!!

pig dog, chris revealed your identity to me last night hehe....where did you go? come back and train!

Yael, come out friday and saturday if you want to kick my butt, I'll be in one of those days for sure!
Hi Josh, same goes for you bro!