Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul in the works

Out of all the YouTube vs former MMA or celebrity fights, this is one I WOULD pay for. Huge fan of Andrew Tate’s philosophy.

Both have a lot to lose in terms of reputation, but I would argue that Tate has more to lose because he’s a legit former kickboxing champ and also has an incredible reputation to protect.

Who do you pick?

Well… fuking moron Jake

Jake for the win

Look forward to not contributing to the PPV

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Biggest fight in combat sports

The press conferences are gonna be epic

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One guy’s a fake fighter and I’ve never even heard of the other guy.

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the warrior of Islam vs the boss troll

You’ve never heard of Jake Paul?

Jake Paul shared a post on Instagram: "Negotiations. @mostvaluablepromotions". Follow their account to see 1222 posts.

This fight isnt happening. Tate is doing everything he can to get some attention.

Jake should stick to lining up fights with influencers (including Tate) or mainstream celebs considering his last two fights did poor numbers

Jake Paul is so lucky Dana is not 32 years old, Dana White would have destroyed Jake in his prime.

This is a very silly fight
Also what’s andrew tate’s philosophy? get enough sad goons to pay me 50 bucks a week to learn how to sell shit for amazon and pretend that’s escaping the daily grind?