Andy Hug: Kicks and Tricks

Terribly edited and equally silly video I put together to use some of this Andy Hug footage on my computer.

Might make you chuckle though.

For later... Phone Post 3.0


Yes! More Andy Hug! Phone Post 3.0


I wonder what he would be up to these days if he had not tragically left us. He would have made a great sensei. It is because of him that I want to find a knockdown karate dojo. Kyokushin is popular but I am now learning about all the offshoots. I know Andy later on switched to Seidokaikan.

Awesome video... thanks for posting Phone Post 3.0

RIP Andy Hug. Always my fav. Phone Post 3.0

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Big Hug fan here. You're too hard on yourself, it was fun to see a little breakdown of that unique style of his. He seemed to use that axe kick to split the gloves and shake his opponent up too. You broke down how he could come in like a wrecking ball with it too. Nice!

Cheeky bump ;)

His fake round kick to inside ax kick is one of my favorite techniques I took right off on of his HL vids.

You can copy his moves and tricks, but not his heart and determination. He was one of a kind! Phone Post 3.0

Mr. K-1 is my favourite too. It was funny to see crocop smiling and laughing when he lost to Andy, it was an honor to even fight him.

I used to try snd pull off the Hug tornado in sparring all the time. Pretty sure I only ended up hurting myself

The best ever IMO


that was awesome. i'm a big fan of axe kicks

awesome fighter, awesome style

Great vid! Great fighter!!