Andy silvas best fight

In your opinion at which fight was silva at his peak or has it not come yet Phone Post

In my opinion, the fight against Rich to win the title was his masterpiece. Phone Post

 The 2nd fight against Franklin in Cincinnati.

Andy Silvers greatest performance is hard to pin down, but I think against rich Franklin 1 was the best, and yushin Okami Phone Post

warheart209 - When he Made Chris Leben eat his words in 30 seconds.

Oh yeah forgot about that one Phone Post

Easily the Leben fight.

Say what you will about Chris Leben, but ANDERSON landed EVERY single punch/jab he threw in that fight with 100% accuracy.

Go back and watch it, it's unbelievable how accurate his striking was, and Silva coming into the UFC to make a statement only fueled the ass-whooping more!

Most impressive was against Forrest. Forrest was moving in slow motion and missing everything, Anderson put him away with such casual ease.

Mr. Anderson.

I am sorry I forgot about the Forrest Griffen fight. Those combos w/ accuracy and ability to move centimeters out of range was incredible! But I still think the demolition of Leben was absolutely amazing too!


There are too many so it's hard to pick amongst masterpieces, but the Forrest destruction is embarrassing and I felt bad for him.. Name a fighter that has embarrassed fighters like this, regardless of whether MW is weak or not, Silva is destroying the greatest 185ers in the world. If anyone thinks he's fighting cans, go up or down to 185 and tell him how you feel. Phone Post

Forrest Griffin

Doctor mma -  Hard to pick favorite, but recent display of dodging punches of Vitor Belfort who has hands down one of the fastest if not fastest hands in bussiness, everyone kept saying he could not toy with Belfort, and he fucking dodged one punch while on his back, and then 4 while standing, and landing the one in a million kick in front of Belfort knocking him senseless.

Yeah I remember him dodging that punch while on his back. I remember thinking "that is impossible"

It was amazing, especially considering how fast vitors hands are. I still can't believe he did that Phone Post

His head movement in the Forrest fight was insane. I truly believe Andy vs Forrest was a masterpiece of what he's capable of. Phone Post

Lesnar Fan 17 - pretty much all of his KO wins
Rich both times

LOL somebody just started watching MMA.

Don't believe everything you read on the forums, son. Anderson submitted Hendo with a RNC.