Angela Lee spars with media member over decision to retain her title during digital presser

I like Angela but she should give that belt up.

Its bullshit if they let her keep it.

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Why are the UG links the only ones that don’t open when I tap them? All of the other ones embedded into the forum (MMA Fighting, MMA Junkie, etc) open up right away.

I’m sure the difference in pay for a champ vs non champ is significant. It’s a business and brand decision.

They work fine when I press on the title or

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Guess you’re lucky.

Never worked for me and still doesn’t.

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This is also silly.

This is sports.

No other company lets you leave without having someone step up. The deal is you have a position when you return.

How unfair to all fans and all competitors icing the belt for a known period of time for a pregnancy.

You give up the belt, and you get an immediate title fight when you return is how it should be. At an absolute minimum there should be an interim belt or something.

But I don’t watch atom weight WMMA so it really doesn’t matter to me.

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Never heard of her.

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Links normally work for me after I tap them. If they don’t, I long press and select “open link.” That seems to work.


If she isnt fighting does she still get paid?

Obviously she should have her choice of number 1 contender or title shot returning but keeping championship pay and being out a year or more is not fair to the other fighters.

Did she just say that it’s different cause she’s a woman? Was she actually implying that only women can have babies?
… in 2021!?!?!?
Just when youthink humanity’s leaving the dark ages… a hate filled monster like this comes along.

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Credit to that media member for bringing it up to her.

I completely agree with him that coming on 2 years with no Title Defense is embarrassing and should not happen with a major organization. Vacate it then fight when you come back. No guarantee even on her return time so why punish a whole division and all the fans from Title fight opportunities.

Funny when she tried to say it was not all her fault to wait 2 years because of pregnancy and keep the belt because the pandemic… only for the media member to say that hasn’t stopped your brother from competing during it LOL. He is coming up on his 3rd Title Fight since she had hers and he had his best wins since then.

She got that Lee Privilege

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Yeah I do long press them. I was just curious to know why that is the case specifically with in-house articles.

They don’t for me. I have to long tap and select “open link” as mentioned by another poster. Not a big deal, I just don’t know why that’s the case.

Defending her thrown

Her thrown


sexy girl, 8/10, would sex jajajaja…

Why tf would she voluntarily abdicate? Who has done that?

Only relatively unknown fighters like GSP

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jajaja who?