Ankle Popped. Advise Please

Normally, I have very flexible knees and ankles. I have been off for a month and a half with forced inactivity though. Yesterday was my third day back. I was caught in a toe hold. Normally these don't even bother me. I do not think that I have been ever previously tapped from one. Last night, my ankle popped. Loudly. Now, my knees and ankles pop occasionally due to pressure, but this was loud. I didn't feel too bad last night, finished out rolling. I went back home, iced my ankle, then took a place to soak it. Afterwards, I put on icy hot. I noticed that there was swelling on the front part of the knob. Today there is a dull pain when I am not really moving but it is on the Achilles more than anything and I feel like I have normal range of motion. What I wanted to do was ankle brace it, wrap it, and give it a couple days. I think it feels pretty much normal but hurt. I know my body pretty well, but does anyone think it is a bad idea to give it a few days to see how it feels before possibly taking any other actions?

Yes, FRAT, I know.

See a Doctor, get it checked.

Man I hate training partners that snap on heel hooks and the like...go fast on a choke..fine but joint locks? Use some fricking control when your training. If you really have the submission and you did everything right to get there, you will still get the tap..and you will have a training partner that can still walk the next day.

^^^ not a bad idea.

Continue with ice stay off it for a bit and ya may want to wrap it if it hurts bad enough.

Toeholds usually cause a far as jointlocks go they probably do the least serious damage.

"I put on icy hot."

Don't ever put icy hot or other heat remedys on joints. These dull the pain but also increase bloodflow to the area causing swelling. The last thing you want to do to an injured joint is swell it can cause more damage and lengthen your recovery time.

use icy hot or similar products on sore muscles... never joints.

The thing is I can walk and feel basically well. Just a little pain.

The trainign partner was used to how flexible I am and felt bad about it later. I figure I shoudl have known better. I have had a while off, so I should have been more cautious. Not his fault at all. I did have time to tap. I just normally don't have to from that position.

"use icy hot or similar products on sore muscles... never joints."

So true.

Thanks, Caveman Dave.

Like I said it doesn't feel all the bad and there is no discoloration either.

Elevate and ice down. Dont do too much with it for a few days.

"Normally these don't even bother me"

Toe holds, when applied properly will make you tap. No one is flexible enough to have their foot/ankle rotated 90 degrees in the wrong direction. I would speculate that if they have never bothered you it was probably due to you being in the right position to roll out of it or the guy applying it isn't a leg lock expert (just my opinion). Firstly, any time someone has a sub locked in JUST TAP! It's just training for heavens sake. Secondly, elevate, ice, repeat. If you have grinding or popping in the joint (persistent) go see a doctor, you have have had a ligament pulled off the bone or worse.

Ok, thanks guys. I will do. Sucks to be taking time off again so soon. I bette r tap next time. :)

Oh, I am supposed to be test driving a car with a manual trans. Think I should delay it.

It's that bad?