Another CBJJ Rule Question

The CBJJ rule below indicates that switching side for a knee on belly doesn't obtain new points. It also suggests that going deliberate from mount to knee on belly don't obtain new points, because this is not ascending the fight (right? but some poeple might be more effective attacking from knee on belly than mount so for them it might be ascending?)
But suppose the athlete goes from mount to knee on belly. He doesn't get new points. But then he goes back to mount. Does he get new mount points? I would think so, for he has in the process afforded the other athlete a big opportunity to escape.

I heard Mario Sperry ran up a big point lead on Enson in Abu Dhabi, by going mount to knee and back again and again. But that wasn't CBJJ rules.

What is the correct interpretation of this rule, anyone who knows?


The competition through its nature makes the athletes use their technical abilities attempting to finish or neutralize their opponents. The point is the superior technique displayed durring the match by putting the positions and negative points on the adversary.


The athlete cannot have score new points when he is in a position where he recieved points previously, changes position intentionally and returns to the same position.

Example: For knee on the belly and switching sides, there will be no new

points awarded.

The fight can be an ascending condition for technique, looking to dominate the adversary, working to finish the opponent.

Points are for cunts.