Another Genki Sudo thread

On The TUF3 There was a Picture of Genki Sudo in a Kimano and Mask


It was there last season too

sorry.. I finnally have come over the Disease called A.D.D.. I finnally started to pay attention the things.

hopefully u mean as a couch.... or something.. contestent... no....

Bring him back to the UFC damn it!

How about as a coach? Using him as a couch seems a bit rude, beside i don't like seeing one man sit on another...


The UFC needs Genki Sudo and more fighters like him. Well, as like as you can be to Genki Sudo. Which would probably look totally different.

Don't you mean engrish?

he's the exciting type of fighter that will take this sport to the next level and gain new fans in the process.

Genki as a TUF coach would be the most amazing thing ever. It will obviously never happen though.

his no-gi grappling is sick

Genki is too busy wasting his career but making lots of money and increasing his fame in K-1. I say that as a Genki fan. The guy just seems to be more interested in too many peripheral attention-grabbing aspects of the fight game rather than actual athletic competition.