another scoring thread. Joe Warren vs Freire

 Kentucky Athletic Commission or Judges need some education.  I was casually watching Bellator and saw Joe Warren vs. Patricio Freire.  It was impossible not to yell at the tv at that 29-28 garbage.  Thats two rounds to one.  I thought I witnessed a maybe 10-7 round and for sure a 10-8 in round 1.  How on earth does every judge give that a 10-9 round.  Who the hell were the judges?  If I was Freire or whatever his name was, I would go to the judges after the fight and ask what the hell do I need to do to get a 10-8??  He was already dominating the round with a minute left and all hell broke loose.  He got an arm triangle, a brutal knock down, a mount with damage, a rear mount with so much damage the ref screamed to make a move or a stoppage would happen then he got RNC'd bad and saved by the bell even though he was obviously choked out and couldnt get off the mat.  thats a 10-7 round when it gets almost stopped 3 times and you cant get up.  Im still pissed and made this stupid thread for no reason.  Now Im wondering if Carwin was given a 10-8 or not. 

yeah that was a pretty one sided beating round