another street fight vs MMA thread

I was talking to a friend the other night and was commenting on how most fights that I've been in are usually situations where I'm in the fight before I realize what the hell is going on. Generally if someone want's to talk to me about kicking my ass they don't actually want to go through with it, or I can talk my way out of it. That got me to thinking how one of the major differences between MMA and a street fight is mental preperation.

A cage fighter takes time to train and prepare to get into the ring. He has the hours before the fight to psyche himself up to get ready. He generally has weeks to train if not months to train for likely scenarios he'll face in competition.

I think a prime example of this is the Tito/Murray incident in London. Even the most ardent Tito hater will have to admit that at that given time he was a LEAST a top five ranked fighter in the world who was done in by some slippery dress shoes, maybe too much alcohol, and not being prepared.

I'm not suggesting that people should walk around waiting for ninjas to spring out at them from behind every corner, just observing that through the endless street vs. MMA threads I haven't seen this particular issue addressed.

Thats why you dont talk, or sit around and argue. You sure as hell shouldnt talk about kicking someones ass if you dont want to go through with it. Theres no tolerance for people that stand around and talk shit ... if they want to take it to that level their gonna get clocked.

Either you or him, and looks like you argue to much if you have no idea a fights coming. I cant argue to much with anything that doesnt have T & A.

Okay, I was afraid this would happen. I'm not asserting that MMA guys can't fight in the street, this isn't an attempt to discredit trained fighters. I was simply pointing out what I thought was an obvious difference between the cage and the street, that previously hadn't been bought up (at least not that I've seen).

If it matters in the discussion I haven't been in a fight in over ten years.


I agree with you on that one (not that I've ever fought in the cage) but like I said in my first post, generally I'm in the fight before I realize I'm in a fight. Some guy either bum rushes me or is throwing haymakers and I'm like "what the hell!?!" It's been my experience that people who talk don't act, or are looking for some kind of excuse to justify fighting you. It's an ego thing. When someone asks me "you have a problem?" or "what are you a pussy?" they're waiting for me act like an ass so their feeble egos can justify pounding me. I actually say absolutely nothing in those situations, just watch 'em like a hawk. That's usually unnerving enough (and I'm a REALLY little guy) that they'll back off, and it doesn't feed into their mental trap and give them the excuse they're looking for. They'll usually "dis" me and walk away and go somewhere else to vent their frustration... but I digress.

Having to think and re-think the fight, then take that long walk past the audience into combat, that's some hard-core shit that totally has my respect. Look, I'm assuming we're all FANS of MMA which is why we're on this forum in the first place. All due respect


LOL, I guess I have thought it through, basically because I'd gotten myself into a couple of fights I didn't want to be in because I fell into that trap. "You have a problem?" is a question that has no right answer. "No" is met with "well you do now" "Yes" is just met by a fist, and the smart ass "yeah YOU asshole" is exactly what they want to hear. It kinda confuses them when you just don't speak at all, but just stare. My dad told me many years ago that the guy whose yelling and screaming about how he's going to kick your ass is no problem. The guy who just puts his hands up and looks at you saying nothing is the one you run from.

ttt for the UG toughguys!

So, so true. In my younger, dumber days, the toughest MF I knew personally, fell into that category. He was medium sized, not freakishly strong, and not a brain surgeon. He WAS however, not even the tinniest bit afraid to fight. He also would not hesitate. He didn't talk shit, but if someone else started, it was on. No chest thumping, no posturing, just go-time. He never became heavily emotionally shaken by a fight either. He would be neither mad or afraid. The only time I saw him mad was when the guy he was fighting ripped his "favorite shirt." The dude paid a heavy price for ruining his "Coon hunters make better lovers" shirt. The sound of skull on concrete over and over made me a little queazy. The other thing he had was a granite chin. He could take a heavy shot.

the average street fighter will whoop a NHB fighters ass immediately because this is what they do

...I doubt if the average streetfighter (not even sure there is such a catagory) could really take on someone with true skills except maybe with a sucker punch.

All knowledge is important for being able to defend yourself IMO, including the knowledge of what a real fight is all about. I think it's important to understand the differences between a competition and a fight however. I've seen some really nice fresh faced young guys who train and even excell in MMA and don't have the experience of "the street". One glass ashtrays smashed in their face (hopefully no one has to go through that type of thing in their life btw)would be a rude awakening... but once they understand what a fight's all about look out!

The same type of thing that we on this forum make fun of TMA's about (the disassociation with reality) has a way of creeping into the MMA world as well in my opinion, especially with some of our younger members.

I am definitely not a fan of fighting. Too many factors come in to a streetfight. You might have all the confidence in the world about beating up the 65 kilo guy screaming his head off in front of you, but have you seen his 120 kilo Fijian friend with a bar stool behind you?

Knives are extremely popular here. I am very, very scared of knives.

I also agree with the people that say the best thing to do is not answer someone when they're going mental at you. Just stare at the bastards.

Even better, is what I learnt from a movie called "Dead Man's Shoes". Myself and a few mates were at the local watering hole (we're all weaklings btw, I'm the only one with any training at all, but we're fiery and absolutely mental), and I must've accidentally looked at this meathead for a split second, because he wanders over to within a few metres of us and goes "Can I help you, mate?". I just replied with "Eh?" because I didn't know what he was on about. He goes "What the F*CK are you looking at?", and I just gritted my teeth, kinda jumped forward in my seat and went "You, you c*nt" (if you've seen the movie, you know what I'm on about). He certainly wasn't expecting that, and left the pub a few seconds later.